2023 Prize Winners

Ernest Hutcheson First Prize: Jeonghwan Kim

Percy Grainger Second Prize: Uladzislau Khandohi

George Frederick Boyle Third Prize: Yungyung Guo

William Murdoch Fourth Prize: Yuanfan Yang

Arthur Benjamin Fifth Prize: Wynona Yinuo Wang

Noel Mewtown-Wood Sixth Prize: Vitaly Starikov


Rex Hobcroft People’s Choice Award: Korkmaz Can Sağlam

Board of Directors’ Prize for Excellence: Wynona Yinuo Wang

Edward Cahill Best Preliminaries Round 1 Recital Prize Winner: Uladzislau Khandohi

Ignaz Friedman Best Semi Final Recital Prize Winner: Uladzislau Khandohi

Best Encore in the Semi Final Winner: Uladzislau Khandohi

Isador Goodman Best Preliminaries Round 2 Recital Prize Winner: Junlin Wu

Malcolm Williamson Best Performance of an Australian Piece Prize Winner: Junlin Wu performing Sam Wu: Tiny Forests

Rhondda Gillespie Best Performance of a Work from any Period Before 1950 by a Rarely-played and Unduly Neglected Composer Prize Winner: Denis Linnik performing Frank Bridge: 2 Solos for Piano H.54 and Boris Lyatoshinsky: 5 Preludes Op.44

Nancy Weir Best Australian Pianist Prize Winner: Reuben Tsang

Medal for the Most Promising Competitor: Reuben Tsang

Encouragement Award: Reuben Tsang

Best Program Presentation in the Semi Final Winner: Carter Johnson

Geoffrey Tozer Most Promising Pianist not Proceeding to the Finals Prize Winner: Carter Johnson

Hephzibah Menuhin Best Performance of a Sonata for Violin and Piano Prize Winner: Wynona Yinuo Wang

Geoffrey Parsons Best Performance of a Sonata for Cello and Piano Prize Winner: Vitaly Starikov

Una Bourne Best Accompanist Prize Winner: Vitaly Starikov

Roy Agnew Best Concerto 1800 and earlier Prize: Yungyung Guo

Miriam Hyde Best Concerto post-1800 Prize: Jeonghwan Kim

Eileen Joyce Best Overall Concerto Prize: Jeonghwan Kim

Prizes for each of the six Semi Finalists not Proceeding to the Final: Carter Johnson, Korkmaz Can Saglam, Philipp Lynov, Junyan Chen, Rueben Tsang, Junlin Wu

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