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The Sydney is marking World Piano Day by making the entire 2021 competition available to watch, free of charge, wherever you are in the world. On 29 March, scroll below to discover over 50 spectacular piano recitals, 46 interviews with world-class pianists such as Piers Lane, Gerard Willems, Olga Kern and the 2021 competitors plus much more.

All content was recorded for the Sydney International Online Piano Competition from January-June 2021 and premiered in July 2021. Audiences around the world tuned in to enjoy the exceptional performances and thrill of the competitive rounds of our landmark competition.


The Sydney Recommends….

Session 23 – 28
The sensational sessions of the Final Round
Session 2, 17 and 23
Follow Alexander Gadjiev‘s journey through the comeptition
Session 21
Enjoy Artem Yasynskyy’s Semi Final Recital (awarded the Ignaz Friedman Best Semi Final Recital Prize)
Session 11 and 22
Follow Yangrui Cai (awarded the Geoffrey Tozer Most Promising Pianist not Proceeding to the Finals Prize
Session 7 and 9
Watch the co-winners of The Sydney Piano Lovers’ Competition
Session 5, 10, 11, 19, 26
Watch the Australian Competitors


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 32 Competitors competed in the Preliminary Round of the Sydney International Online Piano Competition, recording a 40 minute piano recital including a work by an Australian Composer

Session 1

00:00:27 Competition Opening: Piers Lane
00:08:10 Interview: Piers Lane and Maxim Kinasov
00:13:43 Piano recital: Maxim Kinasov
01:02:50 Interview: Piers Lane and Alexandra Pavlova
01:08:11 Piano recital: Alexandra Pavlova

Session 2

00:01:09 Interview: Chris North and Piers Lane
00:16:25 Interview: Piers Lane and Timur Mustakimov
00:19:33 Piano recital: Timur Mustakimov
01:03:00 Interview: Piers Lane and Alexander Gadjiev
01:07:03 Piano recital: Alexander Gadjiev

Session 3

00:02:22 Interview: Piers Lane and Anna Geniushene
00:07:34 Piano recital: Anna Geniushene
00:52:05 Interview: Piers Lane and Ziyu Liu
00:58:04 Piano recital: Ziyu Liu

Session 4

00:01:32 Interview: Piers Lane and Ke Ma
00:06:09 Piano recital: Ke Me
00:47:27 Interview: Piers Lane and Shion Ota
00:50:27 Piano recital: Shion Ota

Session 5

00:02:31 Interview: Piers Lane and Aleksandr Kliuchko
00:06:50 Piano recital Aleksandr Kliuchko
00:54:10 Interview: Piers Lane and Maxwell Foster
00:58:40 Piano recital: Maxwell Foster

Session 6

00:01:38 Interview: Piers Lane and Ara Vartoukian
00:14:19 Interview: Piers Lane and Rustam Muradov
00:18:00 Piano recital: Rustam Muradov
01:07:16 Interview: Piers Lane and Alexander Malikov
01:11:30 Piano recital: Alexander Malikov

Session 7

00:01:51 Interview: Piers Lane and Tamila Salimdjanova
00:05:48 Piano recital: Tamila Salimdjanova
00:50:48 Piano recital: Tanya Hall (The Sydney Piano Lovers’ Competition)
01:06:58 Interview: Piers Lane and Ádám Balogh
01:12:11 Piano recital: Ádám Balogh

Session 8

00:01:34 Interview: Piers Lane and Gerard Willems
00:14:14 Interview: Piers Lane and Kyoungsun Park
00:19:05 Piano recital: Kyoungsun Park
01:04:16 Interview: Piers Lane and Ziang Xu
01:09:09 Piano recital: Ziang Xu

Session 9

00:01:25 Interview: Dinara Klinton and Piers Lane
00:07:20 Piano Recital: Dinara Klinton
00:53:40 Ian Lucas Piano Recital (Piano Lovers’)
01:14:34 Interview: Akihiro Sakiya and Piers Lane
01:20:03 Piano Recital: Akihiro Sakiya

Session 10

00:01:18 Interview: Piers Lane and Cyrus Meher-Homji
00:14:07 Interview: Piers Lane and Sergey Belyavskyi 00:21:10 Piano recital: Sergey Belyavskyi
01:06:17 Interview: Piers Lane and Calvin Abdiel
01:10:44 Piano recital: Calvin Abdiel

Session 11

00:01:42 Interview: Piers Lane and Yangrui Cai
00:05:05 Piano recital: Yangrui Cai
00:50:38 Interview: Piers Lane and Kevin Chow
00:54:51 Piano recital: Kevin Chow

Session 12

00:01:28 Interview: Piers Lane and Virginia Braden
00:11:58 Interview: Piers Lane and JunLin Wu
00:17:04 Piano recital: JunLin Wu
01:04:30 Interview: Piers Lane and Philipp Lynov
01:08:52 Piano recital: Philipp Lynov

Session 13

00:01:33 Interview: Piers Lane and Dominic Chamot
00:07:31 Piano recital: Dominic Chamot
00:46:18 Interview: Piers Lane and Siqian Li
00:52:31 Piano recital: Siqian Li

Session 14

00:01:20 Interview: Piers Lane and Dene Olding
00:11:49 Interview: Piers Lane and Yu Nitahara
00:16:09 Piano recital: Yu Nitahara
00:55:15 Interview: Piers Lane and Artem Yasynskyy
01:01:02 Piano recital: Artem Yasynskyy

Session 15

00:01:37 Interview: Piers Lane and Alice Burla
00:09:05 Piano recital: Alice Burla
00:57:25 Interview: Piers Lane and Dmitry Sin
01:02:39 Piano recital: Dmitry Sin

Session 16

00:01:55 Interview: Piers Lane and Antonii Baryshevskyi
00:05:18 Piano recital: Antonii Baryshevskyi
00:44:15 Interview: Piers Lane and Se-Hyeong Yoo
00:48:10 Piano recital: Se-Hyeong Yoo
01:27:17 2021 Preliminary Round Recap
01:31:25 Finalists announcement with Piers Lane

12 competitors proceeded to the Semi Finals of the Sydney International Online Piano Competition. Their performances included a 50-minute recital, built around a theme of their choice, and verbal introductions to their works.

Session 17

00:00:21 Semi Final Opening Message by Piers Lane
00:05:01 Introduction: Alexander Gadjiev
00:09:57 Piano recital: Alexander Gadjiev
01:04:51 Introduction: Anna Geniushene
01:06:23 Piano recital: Anna Geniushene

Session 18

00:01:37 Introduction: Shion Ota
00:03:21 Piano recital: Shion Ota
00:55:54 Introduction: Ádám Balogh
00:58:43 Piano recital: Ádám Balogh

Session 19

00:01:40 Interview: Piers Lane and Mira Yevtich
00:12:54 Piano recital: Kyoungsun Park
01:00:18 Piano recital: Calvin Abdiel

Session 20

00:01:37 Itnroduction: Yangrui Cai
00:02:41 Piano recital: Yangrui Cai
00:52:24 Introduction: Philipp Lynov
00:54:04 Piano recital: Philipp Lynov

Session 21

00:01:17 Interview: Vladimir Tropp & Piers Lane
00:11:37 Piano Recital: Yu Nitahara
01:02:04 Piano Recital: Artem Yasynskyy

Session 22

00:01:55 Piano recital: Alice Burla
01:00:35 Piano recital: Antonii Bayshevskyi
01:49:39 2021 Semi Final Recap
01:52:02 Finalists Announcement with Piers Lane

6 competitors took part in the Final Round. This round includes 80 minute recitals with verbal introductions and 2 encores. The program created by the finalists should represent what each of them considers to be an ideal debut program in any of the major cities of the world.

Session 23

00:00:40 Final Round Opening Message: Piers Lane
00:03:36 Interview: Piers Lane and Mark Coughlan
00:17:18 Piano recital: Alexander Gadjiev

Session 24

00:01:16 Interview: Piers Lane and Olga Kern
00:14:25 Introduction: Shion Ota
00:15:13 Piano recital: Shion Ota

Session 25

00:02:22 Interview: Piers Lane and Dang Thai Son
00:24:57 Introduction: Ádám Balogh
00:27:25 Piano recital: Ádám Balogh

Session 26

00:01:50 Interview: Olivier Cazal and Piers Lane
00:14:33 Introduction Calvin Abdiel
00:16:16 Piano Recital: Calvin Abdiel

Session 27

00:02:15 Interview: Piers Lane and Seta Tanyel
00:13:12 Introduction: Artem Yasynskyy
00:16:26 Piano recital: Artem Yasynskyy

Session 28

00:00:41 Finals closing message with Piers Lane 00:02:58 Piano recital: Alice Burla
01:16:33 2021 Final Round Recap
01:18:41 Prize Winners Announcement with Piers Lane
01:41:03 Competition closing message
01:47:00 First Prize Winner Performance

The opening gala night included a piano concerto performance by the First Prize Winner of the 2016 Sydney International Piano Competition

00:00:27 Welcome Messages
00:11:04 Artem Vargaftik, Music Critic
00:12:56 Tchakiovsky Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Pavel Sorokin
00:31:05 Andrey Gugnin & the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra // Franz List: Piano Concerto No.1 S.124