Jiarong (Scarley) Liu
Volunteer Project Coordinator

Jiarong (Scarley) Liu started to play the piano at the age of five and after onlyl four years of studies, she won the Second Prize of the Second National Children’s Art Presence Display Competition (2004). She has since won the Frist Prize of the Eleventh Eastern Division of the National New Artist Competition (2005) and the Third Prize of the Teenager Division in the First Chinese Music International Competition (2006). She performed at the Third International Student Art Festival of China as the pianist of her high school’s chamber orchestra and performed with Valparaiso University Symphony Orchestra in the same year.

In 2013, Scarley studied with Dr. Dean Kramer at University of Oregon School of Music and Dance in the U.S. Scarley graduated with her Bachelor degree with an Achievement Award of Outstanding Undergraduate Performer in Piano. She has worked with many wonderful pianists such as Rebecca Penneys, Thomas Schumacher, Christopher Harding, Thomas Hecht, Enrico Elisi, Mayron Tsong, Blanca Uribe, and many more. Scarley is frequently invited to perform in many different concert halls such as at WUSF Radio, Eugene Hult Center, Eugene Public Library, University Knight Library in Oregon, and Trinity Presbyterian Church of Clearwater in Arizona, to mention a few. She has performed at the University Chamber Concert and Undergraduate Symposium in 2016, and in 2017, she was invited to perform at the Oregon German Lieder Symposium, the same year she won the Second Prize at the OMTA Glady Strong Piano Competition.

Upon completing her Bachelor of Music Performance degree, Scarley served as the judge of the Eighth National Steinway Young Pianists Competition in China (Eastern Division) and performed at a televised broadcast of the Teacher’s Day Award Ceremony in Hangzhou, China. She was also invited by the Government Social Development Bureau to give charity concerts. Scarley is the youngest member of Zhejiang Province Musicians Association in China. In 2018, Scarley moved to Sydney to continue her studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and studied under Associate Professor Daniel Herstcovitch. Scarley is the recipient of the John Dorothy Vimpani Scholarshipand has recently completed her Master of Music majoring in Piano Performance. In 2020, Scarley will undertake a concert tour in China, the U.S. and Canada.