Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy

The Sydney International Piano Competition (The Sydney) is committed to ensuring a healthy and safe work environment. To achieve this, we and everyone who works with us, be that staff, competitors, artists, volunteers or contractors, is required to uphold the following?: 

Bullying is unacceptable and not tolerated at The Sydney. Bullying in the workplace is defined as repeated inappropriate behaviour, direct or indirect, whether verbal, physical or otherwise, conducted by one or more persons against others, at the place of work, which could be regarded as undermining the individual’s right to dignity at work. All workers are responsible for treating all persons involved with The Sydney respectfully and fairly. All bullying related enquiries will be held in strict confidence. 

Cleanliness & hygiene. Wash your hands before and after eating, handling cash or smoking. Wear clean, appropriate attire. 

Damage of The Sydney’s items/ property (including safety equipment) caused by carelessness, negligence or deliberate vandalism may require the culprit to be liable for the cost of its repair or replacement.  

Discrimination is unacceptable at The Sydney. Acts of discrimination will lead to disciplinary proceedings and, if appropriate, dismissal. No one can be discriminated against either directly or indirectly on the grounds of gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, religious belief, age, disability or race.  

Drugs & alcohol. The use or consumption of drugs and alcohol while working is not permitted. Persons under the influence will be required to leave and illegal drug use will be reported to police. Smoking is prohibited inside any structures or near potential hazards. 

Duty of Care. All persons are to take reasonable care of their own health and safety and of others. Workers (employees, contractors, jury, musicians, competitors and volunteers) must obey all reasonable instructions regarding health and safety. 

First aid is available from the registered first aid officer who can be contacted +61 (0)2 4260 3682. Report all incidents and accidents, whether a near miss or resulting in damage or injury, to The Sydney office +61 (0)2 9241 3291 immediately, The Sydney staff will file an incident report. 

Fire safety. Do not block or lock fire exits, aisles or access to fire appliances including extinguishers, fire hydrants or hose reels. Familiarise yourself with the nearest fire safety equipment, fire exits & emergency procedures. 

Hot surfaces & liquids are to be kept out of the reach of the public where practical. When working on or with hot surfaces and liquids be aware of the risk of burns, this including urns. 

Manual handling. Use correct lifting techniques. Please refer to the Model Code of Practice: Hazardous manual tasks for more information. 

Personal harassment is unacceptable at The Sydney. This includes, but is not limited to, physical abuse, tasteless jokes, abusive or sexual remarks and threatening behaviour.  

Prohibited or restricted items. Items such as weapons which may cause injury or public nuisance are not permitted. 

Reporting incidents and hazards. An incident can be near miss, resulting in damage or injury and/or a risk health or safety risk. A hazard is anything that may lead to an incident. Report all incidents and hazards to The Sydney office +61 (0)2 9241 3291.  

Safety signs. Obey and do not remove or damage safety signs. 

Slips, trips & falls. Eliminate slip, trip, and fall hazards in work and public areas. Keep all areas free of rubbish and loose items. Watch for greasy, uneven or wet surfaces. Clean up spills immediately and isolate hazards.  

Theft is unacceptable and not tolerated at The Sydney. Appropriate action will be taken. 

Unsafe behaviour which may causes accidents will not be tolerated. 

Workplace violence and aggression is not tolerated. This includes verbal or emotional abuse, threats, unwelcome behaviour, harassment, discrimination and physical attacks to an individual or property. If you are the target of, or witness to workplace violence and aggression, alert The Sydney office on +61 (0)2 9241 3291 as soon as possible. Withdraw from the situation if possible. Do not put yourself or others at risk or make the situation worse. Take refuge in a safe place & summon help if possible.