Piano+Place with Jim Moginie

Australian music ‘legend’ Jim Moginie from Midnight Oil discovers the sacred space of the Anzac Memorial revealing the secrets that live behind the walls, expressed through the sounds of the acoustic piano, storytelling and improvisation.

With a forty-five year legacy dedicated to the award winning band Midnight Oil, challenging social justice and environmental issues, along with his work as a songwriter, musician and producer, Jim Moginie is an icon in the Australian music scene.

Be spellbound as Jim draws on the hidden history, architecture and struggles of returned soldiers who fought bravely for our country and who are honoured at the Anzac Memorial. This haunting performance will include some much-loved Midnight Oil music, improvisation, and storytelling inspired by his own family’s experiences of war.

Jim – as both curator and artist – along with co-curator Ross Heathcote, is the inspiration behind the innovative Piano+Place series that sees four bespoke performances unfold every Friday in July, where iconic Australian musicians play in historic Sydney spaces.


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Sydney NSW
The Auditorium, Centenary Extension
Anzac Memorial
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