Gyu Tae Ha


7 November 1996


Warren Thomson Best Performance of an Australian Piece
Sydney International Piano Competition
Fourth Prize: Cooper International Competition (USA)
Prize winner: International Chopin Competition in Asia (Japan)
Third Prize: Moscow International Chopin Competition for Young Pianists (Russia)
Winner: Franz Liszt Division of the Hong Kong (Asia Pacific) Piano Competition (China)

Gyu Tae Ha currently studies at Yonsei University, South Korea, under Professor Young Ho Kim, and is a Yamaha Scholarship holder.

Gyu Tae gave his recital debut in South Korea in 2011 as the winner of the Korean Franz Liszt Society Competition, and has also performed with the Korean Chamber Orchestra. He has given recitals at the Seoul Baroque Chamber Hall and at the Yamaha Salon and Steinway Hall in New York. He has appeared at the Tanglewood Music Festival as part of the Boston University Tanglewood Institute in 2011, and was later selected to perform at the Boston University Tanglewood Institute Young Artists Piano Concert in Seoul.


2016 Competition Repertoire

Round 1: 20-Minute Recital

Frédéric Chopin: Nocturne Op.27 No.2 in D♭ Major
Franz Liszt: Mephisto Waltz No.1 S.514

Round 2: 30-Minute Recital

  1. Mit Lebhaftigkeit und durchaus mit Empfindung und Ausdruck
  2. Nicht zu geschwind und sehr singbar vorgetragen
  1. Lento
  2. Leggiero e legato

Round 1: 65-Minute Recital

  1. Allegro moderato
  2. Menuetto
  3. Finale. Presto
  1. Äusserst bewegt
  2. Sehr innig und nicht zu rasch
  3. Sehr autgeregt
  4. Sehr langsam
  5. Sehr lebhaft
  6. Sehr langsam
  7. Sehr rasch
  8. Schnell und spielend
  1. Allegro inquieto
  2. Andante caloroso
  3. Precipitato

Round 2: Accompaniment/Chamber Music

  1. Allegro
  2. Adagio
  3. Un poco presto e con sentimento
  4. Presto agitato
  1. Allegro brillante
  2. In modo d’una marcia. Un poco largarmente
  3. Scherzo: Molto vivace
  4. Allegro ma non troppo

Round 1: 18th Century Concerto

  1. Allegro
  2. Romanze
  3. Allegro assai

Round 2: 19th or 20th Century Concerto

  1. Allegro moderato
  2. Andante con moto
  3. Rondo (Vivace)