Katy Haselwood

Katy Wren Haselwood (nee McNamara) is a multifaceted artist with a rich and diverse background in the performing arts and music industry. She holds an Associate Diploma in Performing Arts from NSW University and has honed her acting and musical skills at NIDA, TAFE & UTS. As well as Libby Hordern School of Ballet and Robyn Hoctor Academy of Dance(US) Katy has worked on the live stage for many years. Her musical journey includes working as a lead vocalist on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s show “Strictly Dancing” and performing as well as composing and producing diverse and captivating original musical pieces for television, film, radio and advertisements.

As a long time prolific professional singer, Katy’s vocals have graced many projects, including collaborations with some accomplished familiar faces at NECOM, as well as notable artists like Jimmy Little and The Whitlams & Australian jazz icon; Bobby Gebert. Her vocal work spans a wide range of genres, from Jazz & soul to blues & folk to pop and also classical music and opera, showcasing her versatility.

Katy’s passion for music extends beyond performance and popular compositon; working successfully as a vocal and music teacher with a wholistic focus for many years with students of all ages, from 3 months to 80 years old.

Katy trained with and taught for the highly respected Dr Vicky Abad’s early childhood music program: Boppin’ Babies (2014-2016), additionally completing the US based Kindermusik Musical Educator program in 2015.  Katy incorporates both theologies in her early childhood work (ages 3 months – 6years) also incorporating an intrinsic acknowledgement of body, neuro-diversity and mindfulness through child-lead ideas and fun. With the same wholistic approach Katy has also conducted numerous independent performing arts & stagecraft workshops for 7-14 year olds.

Katy works and has worked for many years on a one to one basis with primary age to year 12 and university students focusing on vocal technique, projection, listening skills, breathing and performance craft as well as the relationship between music and human movement.

Continuing to evolve as an artist and teacher, Katy’s joy, friendly approach and enthusiasm for helping others to sing and express themselves is abundant and very present with every individual student.