Yuanfan Yang
Supported by Club 32 donors Mark Coulter and Adam Bayes


2 January 1997

I feel comfortable in approaching my performances like a concert, and showcasing my vision and perception of some amazing piano music to welcoming audiences.


First Prize and Audience Prize: Alessandro Casagrande International Piano Competition (Terni, Italy)
Second Prize: Hong Kong International Piano Competition (Hongkong, China)
First Prize: Frechilla-Zuloaga International Piano Competition (Valladolid, Spain)

Yuanfan Yang is a First Class Graduate of the Royal Academy of Music (BMus) and the Royal College of Music (MPerf) in London. He is currently studying, as a Scholar, at the Royal College of Music in the Artist Diploma course.

Yuanfan has performed throughout the UK, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, UAE and the USA, with many leading orchestras including the Manchester Camerata, the Royal Northern Sinfonia, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, the Canton Symphony Orchestra in Cleveland, the Romanian Radio National Symphony Orchestra and the Wuhan Philharmonic Orchestra. The 2023 season sees Yuanfan make debuts for Brighton Festival, Beaminster Festival, St George’s Bristol, Inverness Piano Recitals, L’Auditorium di Milano and others. Yuanfan is also a versatile composer and an improviser. October 2022 saw a concert in London St John’s Smith Square devoted entirely to his music, featuring the Berlin Metropolitan Orchestra and including movements of two of his own piano concertos.

His debut album Watercolour featuring solo piano music alongside three of his own compositions has been released on Orchid Classics.


2023 Competition Performances

Preliminary Round Preliminary Round 1: 20-Minute Recital
Verbrugghen Hall
Friday 7 July 2023, 2.30pm
Preliminary Round Preliminary Round 2: 30-Minute Recital
Verbrugghen Hall
Sunday 9 July 2023, 7.30pm
Semi Final Round Semi Finals Round 1: 70-Minute Recital
Verbrugghen Hall
Thursday 13 July 2023, 11.30am
Semi Final Round Semi Final Round 2: Chamber Music
Verbrugghen Hall
Saturday 15 July 2023, 2.00pm
Final Round Final Round 1: Concerto 1800 and Earlier
Concert Hall
Wednesday 19 July 2023, 8.00pm
Final Round Final Round 2: Post 1800 Concerto
Concert Hall
Friday 21 July 2023, 8.00pm

2023 Competition Repertoire

Preliminary Round 1: 20-Minute Recital

No.4 in B minor

Johann Sebastian Bach/Ferruccio Busoni: Chaconne from Partita No.2 in D minor BWV 1004

Preliminary Round 2: 30-Minute Recital

Sam Wu: Tiny Forests

I. Presto
II. Adagio
III. Finale. Molto vivace

I. Allegro moderato
II. Sostenuto e pesante
III. Allegro molto

Semi Finals Round 1: 70-Minute Recital

No.3 in B♭ major Andante con variazioni

Variation I. Rasch
Variation II. Ruhig
Variation III. Sehr lebhaft
Variation IV. Schwungvoll
Variation V. Sehr ruhig und ausdrucksvoll

Theme. Andante
I. Poco piu mosso
II. L’istesso tempo
III. Tempo di Minuetto
IV. Andante
V. Allegro (ma non tanto)
VI. L’istesso tempo
VII. Vivace
VIII. Adagio misterioso
IX. Un poco piu mosso
X. Allegro scherzando
XI. Allegro vivace
XII. L’istesso tempo
XIII. Agitato
XIV. Andante (come prima)
XV. L’istesso tempo
XVI. Allegro vivace
XVII. Meno mosso
XVIII. Allegro con brio
XIX. Piu mosso. Agitato
XX. Piu mosso
Coda. Andante

I. Préambule
II. Pierrot
III. Arlequin
IV. Valse noble
V. Eusebius
VI. Florestan
VII. Coquette
VIII. Réplique
IX. Papillons
X. Lettres dansantes
XI. Chiarina
XII. Chopin
XIII. Estrella
XIV. Reconnaissance
XV. Pantalon et Colombine
XVI. Valse allemande
XVII. Paganini
XIX. Promenade
XX. Pause
XXI. Marche des Davidsbündler contre les Philistins

Semi Final Round 2: Chamber Music

I. Allegretto
II. Blues. Moderato
III. Perpetuum mobile. Allegro

George Gershwin/Jascha Heifetz: ‘It ain’t necessarily so’ from Porgy and Bess

Final Round 1: Concerto 1800 and Earlier

I. Allegro con brio
II. Largo
III. Rondo. Allegro – Presto

Final Round 2: Post 1800 Concerto

I. Maestoso
II. Adagio
III. Rondo. Allegro non troppo