Friday 21 July 2023
2023 Final Round: Final Round 2: Post 1800 Concerto

Evening session

Friday 21 July 8:00 pm
Concert Hall
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Adults Premium Reserve $120.00
Adults A Reserve $110.00
Adults B Reserve $100.00
Adults C Reserve $55.00
Concession A Reserve $105.00
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Student $35.00
Yungyung Guo
Supported by Club 32 donors Ida Constable and the late David Constable
September 11, 2003
Robert Schumann
Piano Concerto in A minor Op.54
Uladzislau Khandohi
Supported by Club 32 donors Glenys Granger and Terry Mackin
October 7, 2001
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Concerto No.1 in F# minor Op.1 (revised version)
This evening session includes a 20 minute interval.
Yuanfan Yang
Supported by Club 32 donors Mark Coulter and Adam Bayes
January 2, 1997
Johannes Brahms
Piano Concerto No.1 in D minor Op.15