Pianist Andrey Gugnin Invites You to His Melbourne and Sydney Recitals

Renowned pianist Andrey Gugnin’s upcoming recitals in Melbourne and Sydney promise a captivating journey through diverse musical landscapes. Gugnin’s approach to curating his programs is driven by his genuine passion for the pieces he selects. In this exclusive interview, Gugnin discusses his musical philosophy, his selection process for this unique performance, his impressions of Australia, and how he maintains his artistry while constantly on the move. 


Embracing Passion and Musical Exploration 

At the heart of Gugnin’s musical philosophy lies the principle of playing pieces he genuinely adores. He elaborates, “The base of the very fundamental principle is to play the music you really genuinely like.” His recitals are a reflection of this ideology, as he delves into both familiar and unfamiliar works. Gugnin reveals, “Even those which I never played before, I investigate, I listen to the recordings, and they all are picked on the basis that I like them.” This intrinsic connection to the music he performs creates an electrifying atmosphere that resonates with audiences. 


Curating a Multifaceted Program 

Intriguingly, Gugnin’s choice of repertoire is not limited by conventional constraints. Addressing the question of playing different pieces for his recitals from the collaborative performances at Out West Piano Fest, he humorously notes, “You don’t have six hands.” He will instead play a wonderful mix of solo pieces, like Carl Vine’s Sonata No. 2, which he recently debuted in Germany to immense success. The Sonata’s allure was not confined to larger audiences; even smaller towns like Huzul embraced its brilliance. Gugnin’s diverse selection also includes Bagatelles by Silvestrov, a Ukrainian composer, further enhancing the richness of his program. 


The Synergy of Venues and Memories 

For Gugnin, the venues themselves become an integral part of his performances, echoing the essence of the cities they inhabit. He muses, “The venues are an extension of their city or the particular place.” This unique perspective showcases his deep connection to the locations he performs in. The connection between the venue, the city, and the natural surroundings influences his performance, creating a symbiotic relationship that elevates the musical experience. 


Australia’s Natural Beauty and Its Allure 

Gugnin is particularly drawn to the natural beauty of Australia, a sentiment shared by many. He praises the country for its stunning landscapes and associates the venues with the surrounding nature. “Australia in general is very much associated with the wonderful nature it has,” he remarks. While dispelling misconceptions about dangerous wildlife, he encourages potential visitors to embrace the country’s safety and splendor. His conversations with his girlfriend about Australia have centered on its beauty and cultural vibrancy. 


Artistry Amidst Travel 

Constantly on the move for performances across the globe, Gugnin acknowledges the challenges of maintaining his artistry. He shares his unique practice technique of mentally playing the piano when access to a physical instrument is limited. “When I don’t have access to the piano, I try to imagine in my mind how I play,” he explains. This mental practice not only helps him stay connected to the music but also enhances his physical performances. It’s a testament to his dedication and adaptability as a musician. 


As Gugnin embarks on his musical journey through Melbourne and Sydney, he extends a warm invitation to music enthusiasts. He promises a mesmerizing evening of music that transcends boundaries and captures the essence of his passion. The recitals are not merely performances; they are shared experiences that bridge the gap between artist and audience, city and venue, and emotion and melody. Gugnin’s sincere enthusiasm and undeniable talent ensure that these recitals will be cherished memories for all attendees.